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Company LLC "NPP "Orion-K" is a Ukrainian manufacturer of the entire range of series materials "Diagma®» for defectoscopy by the non-destructive testing method, namely: colored, luminescent-fluorescent materials for water and kerosene-oil emulsion, as well as materials intended for the dry method of testing.

Diagnostic materials series "Diagma®» intended for the detection of surface and subsurface defects in products made of ferromagnetic materials according to DSTU EN ISO 9934-2:2015 (GOST 21105-87) "Non-destructive testing. Magnetic powder method" and industry regulatory and technical documentation. The proposed indicator materials are used in the automotive, aviation, metallurgical and metalworking industries, in railway transport, for inspection and control of welded seams of oil and gas pipelines, at nuclear and thermal power stations and in other industries.

Currently in Ukraine with materials "Diagma®» it is used by a large number of enterprises, among which there are steel plants, locomotive, wagon and motorcar depots, shooting plants and other railway enterprises, as well as Kyiv and Kharkiv subways, enterprises of other industries.

In addition, as manufacturers and developers of these materials, the specialists of our company can adjust the composition and characteristics of defectoscopy materials at the request of customers. For example, it is possible to adjust the shade of luminosity, the sensitivity of the detection ability, change the amount of inhibitors and surfactants in the composition of materials.

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