LMP «Diagma®-1613»

TU U 24.1-34002566-001:2011 and change to them №1:2018
Luminescent Magnetic Powder. Water method of control
Fields of application of LMP «Diagma®-1613»

In the automotive, aviation, metalworking and many other industries.

How it work?
Use of LMP «Diagma®-1613»

Dissolve 0.5* g of concentrate by stirring in 1 liter of drinking water until complete dissolution.

Use in accordance with the requirements of non-destructive testing at the consumer company.

* The concentration of the working substance in the suspension can be adjusted depending on the specific conditions of magnetic powder control at the consumer company.


Pure magneto-luminescent powder without additives. It is used to control critical parts with any surface color.
It is intended for the preparation of an aqueous suspension with use in a set with the material "Diagma - 1000" (a set of additives).

Appearance: Dark green powder.
Grain size: 3 ― 20 (μm).
Magnetic fingerprint detection: 100%
Mass fraction of the main substance (Fe2O3): not less than 90%
Preparation of working suspension: 0.5-2.0 g per 1 l. water
Does not cause corrosion on steel/copper.
Safety measures:

When using the material, it is necessary to use individual protective equipment for the skin of the hands and respiratory organs. In case of contact with the material on the skin, it is necessary to wash the contaminated area with drinking water and soap.

This product is not environmentally hazardous. Waste material must go to the sewer.
LMP storage «Diagma®-1613»:

In consumer packaging in closed warehouses with a relative humidity of no more than 70%, at a temperature not higher than 300C, in the absence of active reagents in the atmosphere.*

* After the expiration of the warranty storage period, the indicator material can be used after checking for compliance with the requirements of TU U 4.1-34002566-001:2011.


The grain size is 3-20 μm. Preparation of working suspension: 0.5-1.0 g per 1 liter of water. It is a pure magneto-luminescent powder. It is widely used in mechanical engineering to control critical parts with any surface color. Intended for the preparation of an aqueous suspension, it is used in a set with the material "Diagma®-1000" - a set of surface-active substances, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam. It fully meets the requirements of the DSTU EN ISO 9934-2:2015 standard.

Sensitivity level “A”.
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